Versilia Supply Service

"Worldwide Megayacht Supplier since 1985"



Versilia Supply Service is a company dedicated to the supply of large yachts with literally anything they may need, based in Viareggio and also with offices in Livorno. VSS offers a very personalized and efficient service, where the most demanding clients can expect to receive a clear and immediate answer and a fast response to their orders.



VSS was the brain child of Giuliano Tomei who after a career at sea came ashore to work in the commercial ship division, supplying to vessels in the ports of La Spezia and Livorno. It was during this time that he saw the need for a professional supply company in the then emerging yachting sector, sensing an opportunity, he opened VSS in 1985.

Since then, the company has expanded and developed to meet the needs of a growing and maturing yachting industry, despite this growth the objective has always been to provide a simple and problem free service despite the ever increasing complexity of supplying so many different items to clients spread across the globe. VSS now comprises not just a core of wholesale supply but a shipping agency named Yacht Management & Consulting (YMC) to cover all customs and VAT issues and also a well-established chandlery “the Marine Store” where yachts based in the Viareggio area can conveniently find all that they may need.

The key to the success of VSS has not only been their solid economic strategy; which has permitted them to own their work premises and delivery vehicles, but also the spirit of adaptability to change and adjust to the market, maintaining an efficient, reactive response.

When asked about the constant progression within VSS over the years Giuliano responds “at VSS for the last 30 years we have always changed and reinvented ourselves to stay abreast with the times and maintain our high levels of service, flexibility is our motto”.


VSS covers the supply of yachts under construction while serving established yachts with engine spares, deck, safety, bridge, interior equipment and consumables, gourmet food, and beverages. This service is created by an experienced and competent team including an in-house chef who personally chooses all the gourmet products.

All of this is supported by a large stock held in the VSS warehouse with the goods then delivered by our own fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans.  Through this organization VSS is able to have a reliable and cost effective delivery service.



Our service covers all of Italy while regularly supplying yachts on the Cote d’Azur in France and Spain. For orders further afield VSS has international coverage through longstanding agreements with international carriers and a network of representatives in all the main yachting hubs.


VSS now boasts a self-storage warehouse facility available for yachts where a selection of twenty two different size storage spaces can be accessed directly by the customer with a swipe card, the entire warehouse is completely under surveillance with CCTV cameras and a sophisticated alarm system.

The office in Livorno is run by Sergio Barozzi who has been Giuliano’s closest collaborator since 1983. This office focuses mainly on the new build activity in that area, maintaining a daily presence in the yards for the project managers and crews there.

The VSS marketing strategy is kept under constant modification in order to improve the visibility of the company to potential clients. Shortly there will be a web based on-line shopping portal where clients can register to not only place orders but also to be able to track the shipping and delivery too.
This portal will also be available as an App which customers will be able to use on their tablets and smart phones.